• WE ARE everyday people like you who want to be prepared for those  'unexpected' moments in life.  We know when these moments present themselves, time isn't on our side and seconds count so being our own 'FIRST RESPONDER' is essential.  We know when we train and and become proficient we're better prepared to navigate through these moments and, we pray we're capable of eliminating or minimizing the impact it will have on our life's.  We know being prepared requires a continued effort on our part so training  is a way of life.

  • WE BELIEVE that training, having the right supplies and equipment is critical to handling life's unexpected moments.  We know that continuous training will increase our knowledge, advances our skills, refine our techniques, sharpen our mind and allow us to react with a calculated response without hesitation.  Second nature so to speak, like brushing our teeth.  We believe you should Involve the entire family in the training process because, when everyone is trained your odds of surviving will increase.  We believe you should have supplies and equipment to be self sufficient i.e. food, water, shelter and medicine for a minimum of four weeks.  We call this 'SUSTAINABILITY'.  We believe you should BE PREPARED and, have the option to secure in place or in a moment's notice become mobile.

My Defensive Edge LLC, was created so you could get practical training and knowledge to BE PREPARED.  Our instructors  have a service background i.e Military, Law Enforcement, EMS, Search/Rescue etc. and understand the importance of being prepared.  I served in the United States Marine Corp as a Military Police Watch Commander, then Armed Casino Security First Responder and earned my P.O.S.T Certification as a Training Instructor through Clark County School Police in Las Vegas, NV.  This taught me one very important lesson:  EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

OUR WORLD IS CHANGING!  People are in a fast pace mode with their heads down, they are quick to anger, fall short to be kind and oh yeah, 'The BAD GUY' is always going to be BAD!  Our population is growing and our infra structures i.e. police, EMS and hospitals are stretched to their maximum capacity.  

Our GOAL, through training is for you to be better prepared to take care of what matters the most,  YOUR FAMILY!

It only takes a well thought out plan and for you to constantly work the plan.

Did you know it ONLY takes 21 days to create a habit.