Vancouver, WA - Concealed Carry Gun Safety

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Carry Concealed in 35 states. GET TRAINED - BE PREPARED!

  • Date: 9/12/2021 12:30 PM - 9/12/2021 04:30 PM
  • Location: 1500 Northeast 134th Street, Vancouver, WA, USA (Map)
  • More Info: La Quinta Hotel Downstairs Meeting Room




This class exceeds Utah and Oregon minimum training requirements needed to submit your Concealed Carry Permit Applications.  This class will cover: gun safety, gun handling, gun cleaning, range consideration, ammunition, safe storage, suicide prevention, shooting fundamentals, conceal carry considerations and mindset, state law, federal law, gun laws, application process and expectations.  

During the class we will take a passport photo, complete a set of FBI fingerprint cards for Utah and print your Concealed Carry Gun Safety Certificate for Utah and Oregon.

We do not process your paperwork or conduct background checks for any state! 

There will be additional fees required when you actually submit your applications to the authorities having jurisdiction for processing.

1. Oregon: Allows you to file an initial application online but requires you to finish the process in person.  We send our students to Multnomah County Sheriffs Office.  They have a state of the art processing center for taking your passport photo and fingerprints so, you will be in and out in 15 minutes.

3. Utah:  Allows you to mail in your complete package.  We will do everything during the class that you will need. 

*** We will cover ALL of this again at the end of the class  **

Quote:  You can never choose the time or place a potential LIFE THREATING event will occur, BUT you can choose if you are a VICTIM or NOT! 

Carry Concealed in 35 states~